New York Tyrant

Interview with Harrison Ford, 2019
by Brad Phillips

Jordan Castro

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- Good afternoon Mr. Ford. It really was quite a bit of working tracking you down.
- Nice to meet you - I, I can't remember if you gave me your name.
- Absolutely Mr. Ford, absolutely. So, you're closing in on eighty years old right now! You're really just hanging tight there aren't you? No more Mr. Leading Man I guess, I mean no, not unless you're leading a band of geriatric...
- I'm sorry, what paper did you say you were from?
- Absolutely. Listen, anyone ever call you Harry? Back in the day maybe, the good old days as they say.
- No, never.
- Three syllables are a bit much no? So, Harry tell me.
- Where's the camera? The notebook? Who's that man making a sandwich in my kitchen?

Four Poems
by Kimmy Walters

Jordan Castro


I don’t use crystals because they’re magical but because they’re cold and heavy, oh,
I put a jar of honey in the middle

I don’t claim to know what I’m doing

Two Poems
by Michael W. Clune

Jordan Castro


A camera is a little cave 
Where a spider lives. The photographer
Puts his eye to the cave’s mouth and 
Pushes the button. The spider comes out and 
Bites the eye, which swells, turning into
An organ of his dead body, which floats 
Beside his living body. The eye is the heart 
Of the dead body. This is how colors 
Come to occupy the space
After consciousness. 

Four Poems
by Elizabeth Ellen

Jordan Castro


Tanja says I am too controlled

Which is ironic because I was just saying I felt a real lack of control
In my life

“Your life is kind of claustrophobic,” she said
Or maybe I said that to her, about my life, and she agreed

“I don’t think it’s good for you to not talk to someone you want to talk to,” Tanja said. 

She said, “I believe jealousy is 100% the responsibility of the jealous person.”

Jordan Castro
by Zachary German

Jordan Castro

One stop car audio. An advertising jingle: a woman singing the words, One stop car audio. Digital editing extends the final syllable of the word audio, shifts the pitch to make it be six or eight syllables. O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o. Eight syllables. I’m in the car, my mother’s car. Years later I’ll have my own car. My mother’s father will get confused, is it in reverse or is it in neutral. He only uses it to drive from their cottage to the dining hall, at their retirement community. Now a van will come take them to dinner.​     I’ll try to...