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pop off season
by Precious Okoyomon

Jordan Castro

pop off season <br>by Precious Okoyomon</br>
I moved to New York to become a well adjusted person
 I’m broke as a joke
learning all the words to this drake song
   “i’m so hot i’m so right now”
everything means be careful 
nothing to be depended on 
thank you very much 
I don’t know what I’d want
jesus is such a  trauma slut 
When I die I will become everything 
Crying all night
I am good at my  saintly practice

excerpt of "Romanian Notebook"
by Cyrus Console

Jordan Castro

excerpt of "Romanian Notebook" <br>by Cyrus Console</br>
It is often the case that when I mistake a stranger for some friend, however long it’s been, the friend materializes. Synchronicity or the Baader-­Meinhof phenomenon or whatever it is, the more general effect in question, maybe it’s the fact that the number of words or concepts to which we are exposed in a given moment exceeds, by orders of magnitude, those we can put to use. But the stream of un­noticed meanings rushing by must leave its impression, carving a channel for insights of the form “incredible, but I learned this word only yesterday.” Yesterday’s encounter does not sensibly exist, but is pulled up into the status of conscious experience only by the shock of today’s recogni­tion, so that encountering the word today, and encounter­ing it yesterday, are in some meaningful way simultaneous.

Three Poems
by Bunny Rogers

Jordan Castro

Three Poems <br>by Bunny Rogers</br>


Thank you for coming into my life and giving me joy, 
thank you for loving me and receiving my … 
Do you think the emptiness of space will ever crumble away?

The Agreement
by Ashton Politanoff

Jordan Castro

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The Agreement <br>by Ashton Politanoff</br>
A man in a denim jacket met them outside the building and gave them the key.  It was cheaper than any hotel, and centrally located.  There was only one bed, but Rachelle had insisted on it. 
     The studio apartment overlooked a courtyard.  The kitchenette had an L-shaped bar around it, separating it from the bed and the rest of the studio.  A single rose stood in a clear vase on the counter.  
     There was also a green couch.  Ben discovered a lever on the side of the couch.  He lifted the lever then pushed it down.  The couch flattened into a futon, bumping and scooting the coffee table away.  
     “Perfect,” he said.  

by Kim Chinquee

Jordan Castro

Poofy <br>by Kim Chinquee</br>
"This is a masterpiece," she said to her parrot.
     The parrot said, "Masterpiece," and the dog barked.
     She took the hummus from the blender and spooned it into a small ceramic bowl she'd made at the studio, where the owner's toddler giggled every time she entered, pointing to her poofy orange hair, her earmuffs like two attached potatoes.

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