New York Tyrant

Two Poems
by Jon-Michael Frank

Kelly Schirmann

all my life I’ve been using the wrong language

blackberries spewing juice

on the patio furniture

the gorge is all longing today

bastard animals masticating

soda cans

a geode contaminates my heart

down the street

machines starve the succulents  

men in robes

crush bug eggs

we know a lot of what’s over

even as we dim in the cradle of it

Don't tell my mother if they kill me
by Angel Dominguez

Kelly Schirmann

Let her think they hid me in the void

Let her think I avoided hot lead

Let her think I avalanched east

Let her think I’ve become forest

Let her think I’ve become the ocean

Let her think I’ve become the moon

Let her think I’ve become the moon

Let her think I’ve become the moon

Let her think I’ve got away, safe

Let her think I changed my name

Let her think I didn’t become a #

Two from Nature Poem
by Tommy Pico

Kelly Schirmann

My singing teacher tells me find your center

Tornado fucking is a natural phenomenon

wherein you start on your stomach,

get flipped to the right side,

then he slides under you slams

u into his hips, both in a sort of crab walk flip left

before returning to (yoga term) stomach pose.

Objects of Desire
by Stacey Tran

Kelly Schirmann

Four nights in Los Angeles.

How to locate the Garment District on any major American city’s map.

How to walk toward the river and stumble upon the perfect maraschino cherry.

Islands bobbing in oceans of bubble tea.

Judge Judy gifs all day long.

The Mothers 1 & 2
by LA Warman

Kelly Schirmann

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