New York Tyrant

Two Poems
by Elaine Kahn

Kelly Schirmann


I have heard it said

that love

turns people


but I have

never been







One baby says to the other baby

Look, the nurses are smoking

Look, the nurses are beating each other up


It is Saturday

and the babies

are holding me


Arms outstretched

the bods of godlets


puts a seal

onto the world

So I am not


What is an O?

What is the circle of a guttural emission?

What is O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O  


I rattle like a baby

with a bottle

and a rattle


Do you think the reason babies love rattles

is that somewhere

in their softest, infant brains

they know

that’s what a Xanax bottle sounds like?


Do you think I’m a baby?

There are some ways

I am not


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